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Here are the most common questions we get for our TikTok likes services. If you can't find the right answer below don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Likes are a direct measurement of what viewers think of your video. TikTok's algorithm is great at learning what you like as a viewer and it does so by the engagement a video gets. Now consider what the algorithm does with this information, the viewers will be shown similar content to keep them on the screen for as long as possible.

It's also the algorithm's job to show popular content to other TikTokers. So the more likes you have, the farther out your reach will be.

Because of how the interaction with TikTok's app works, likes are given less often on TikTok than other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. This means that they are harder to get and because likes have a higher importance on TikTok they will give important signals to TikTok's recommendation engine about your video, making your future posts appear on the "For You" page more often.

Purchasing likes is the perfect tool to jump-start your TikTok profile just as much as buying followers and views. It should be used wisely to increase your credibility and achieve your goals.

Other users aren't able to see who liked your videos directly. Only you can see that from your Inbox.

This isn't a reason to cheap out by purchasing TikTok likes from shady websites though. TikTok's algorithm carefully weighs on the quality of the likes and it will use this information to either reward or punish you. That is why the quality of the likes & account safety is our number one priority.

The quality of the likes you purchase matters if you want to keep your account and get great results.

There are many things you have to consider and only buying likes won't give you the desired result. That's why we're always developing new products & services to help you expand your TikTok profile. If you want to increase credibility and attract more organic followers you should buy followers. You can also take a look at our TikTok views if you want your post to get more exposure.

Beyond that you should keep uploading content that sits well with TikTok's audience, making sure that your new posts are also being promoted in an effective manner.

Definitely no! And if any other website asks for it or any other personal data don't share it. That is for yourself and only yourself to keep. Knowing your TikTok username is enough for us to deliver your likes.

The only information we request for any of our services is your username to deliver the likes and your email to send you the payment receipt.

We have partnered up with established payment gateways to provide you with the widest spectrum of payment options. You can pay for our services using credit/debit card from any major brands such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club or American Express. We also accept Paypal.

Your payment data will never be stored on our server, the connection is encrypted and your payment data is always tokenized meaning that only the PCI-compliant payment gateways handle the payment data. You should always feel safe inputting any data at Tokfam.

Our likes start being delivered as soon as you complete the payment on our checkout page. It may at times vary depending on the load and number of orders we get on a particular day. But we do our outmost to keep delivery times low.

You can be sure that our team is always monitoring our servers and deliveries. In case you are experiencing any issues, make sure to contact us.

This is the right page for ordering likes. Scroll up to browse through our likes packages to find one that fits your goals. You can then click on the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of a package. This will take you to our checkout page where you will input your account and select the posts which you wish to promote. If you select multiple posts, your likes package will be split evenly between these posts.

The order is then confirmed once you confirm the payment.

It's important for us that you are happy with your purchase and that's why we offer a generous refund policy. Each refund request is handled by our support team individually. If you have any questions or would like to request a refund - visit our support page.

Your transactions are always encrypted and sensitive card data is tokenized meaning that your details are never stored directly on our servers. Instead they are handled by the authorized payment gateways who are PCI DSS certified which minimizes the risk of any payment data leaks.

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